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11/22/2010 12:12:00 AM

How to RUIN your financial life!

Dihantar oleh thoyyibah

..as you're reading this book, you see that you're doing 75% of the things that people do to wreck their financial lives, then maybe you'll wake up and realize that your financial mess didn't happen by chance. It happen because you were doing certain clear, specific things wrong that get everyone who does them into hot water.

Here i just sharing some of the points listed in this book that might open our eyes to see how far we have ruined our financial lives. You'd better read it yourself to get clear picture about this topic and read all the 55 ways on how to lead you to poverty!

  1. Forget about Tomorrow
  2. Know with Certainty that There Will Never be Any Rain in Your Life
  3. Remember That Your Peace of Mind Is a Lot More Important Than Few Pennies You'll Save Worrying about Money
  4. Save Money Only When You Feel Like It, and If You Just Don't Feel Like Saving, Then Don't!
  5. Don't Bother to Learn Anything at All about Investing
  6. Spend As Much As You Want, and Don't Be Afraid to Go into Debt
  7. Set Up a High-Profile, High-Consumption Lifestyle with Enormous Fixed Expenses That You Can't Afford
  8. Compete with Your Friends to See Who Can Spend the Most
  9. Don't Balance Your Checkbook or Keep Track of What You Spend
  10. Forget to Pay Your Taxes
  11. Truly Believe That You're Only As Valuable As What You Own
  12. Collect As Many Credit Cards As You Can, and Use Them Frequently
  13. As Soon As You've Succeeded in Maxing Out Your Credit Cards... Get New One!
  14. When You Get Your Credit-Card Bills, Pay Only the Minimum Each Month
  15. Know in Your Heart of Hearts That You Will Never Run Out of Money
  16. Repeat After Me: "I Am Not Responsible for My Financial Well-Being"
  17. Trust That There's Always More Money Coming In
  18. LEND Money to Your Friends - Especially Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend
  19. Learn the Ultimate Rule of Success = Money Spent on Appearances is The Best Money You Can Spend!
  20. Play Lady - or Lord - Bountiful by Shelling Out Money to Everyone Around You
  21. Don't Think about Retirement - It's a L-O-O-N-N-G Way Off
  22. Attend a "Free" Financial Seminar, and Follow the Advice They "Sell" You to The Letter
  23. Make a Point of Watching Those Late-Night Financial Success Infomercials
  24. Buy and Read Newsletters about Investing, and Do Exactly What They Say
  25. If Your Investment Program Isn't Producing Good Result, Keep Doing the Same Thing Anyway
  26. If Taking Charge of Your Financial Life Seems Overwhelming Now. Just Put It Off for a Few More Years
  27. Start a Business with Inadequate Capital - in a Difficult Field and in a Difficult Location - and Expect to Prosper
  28. If Getting Your Finances Together Seems Too Difficult at Any Given Time, Turn EVERYTHING Over a Financial/ Business Manager Who Will Have Total Control Over Your Money
  29. Believe That You Can Get Rich Quick - That You Can Get Something for Nothing
  30. Know Without a Doubt That You Don't Have to Work Hard - You Only Need to Find an Angle!
  31. Do Not Buy a Home - a Free Spirit Like You Does Not Need to Put Down Roots
  32. Feel Confident That You Can Borrow Your Way Out of Any Problem
  33. Rest Assured That Shopping Is a Perfectly Valid Form of Emotional and Physical Exercise - Whether You Need What You're Buying or Not
  34. Carefully Pore Over All Those Catalogs You Get in the Mail, and Order from Them Late at Night or When You're Feeling Lonely
  35. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff = After All, $10 or $20 a Day Doesn't Really Add Up to Much!
  36. Find a Man or Woman with Really Expensive Tastes and Reckless Financial Habits - and Marry Him or Her
  37. Get Separated and Divorced Frequently
  38. Don't Keep Records
  39. Gamble Your Money

..then, if we follow those rules, we will ruin our financial lives. But if we do the opposite, inshaAllah we will find sunny days lie ahead...

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